Volunteer Orientation - Saturday June 15th - 1-3pm
Recreational Programs for Children and Young Adults with Multiple Disabilities

Camp Snowflake Camper Info

Interested Campers should contact Camp today for more information on enrolling in the program. Campers at Camp Snowflake are afforded the same opportunities for recreational and social activities as those at Camp Sunshine in the summer, albeit on a smaller scale given our meeting time of once per week. Saturday afternoons are spent updating old friends about the past week, enjoying the outdoors at the County Park, and traveling to new and exciting places on our monthly field trips. Campers receive the same one-to-one attention as at Camp Sunshine.

Campers are enrolled for the entire season, running from the second or third Saturday in September through the end of May. Campers are not required to also be enrolled in Camp Sunshine in order to enroll at Camp Snowflake.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about enrolling a camper at Camp Snowflake. 201-652-1755 or Click Here.