Volunteer Orientation - Saturday June 15th - 1-3pm
Recreational Programs for Children and Young Adults with Multiple Disabilities

Camp Sunshine Camper Info

Camp Sunshine has been located in Ridgewood, NJ, since 1960, when a group of parents banded together to create a "Place in the Sun" where their campers could enjoy each summer to the fullest. Summertime should be a fun time, the season when youngsters get out of the house to go fishing, swimming, camping, or hiking. To the developmentally disabled, all too often, it's an impossible dream.

Camp Sunshine provides its campers this opportunity and affords them the necessary supervision. Even though they may have braces or wheelchairs, Camp Sunshine eliminates the barriers of the everyday world. Bridging these gaps has great rewards in building self-esteem, emotional growth, and social relationships. The permanent facility serves disabled children and young adults from Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Passaic, Morris, and Sussex Counties. At Camp Sunshine, you will find no obstacles to overcome. Everything is adapted to suit the needs of our campers.

A Place In The Sun Means Special People

Special equipment and good intentions alone are not enough to accomplish all the goals set at Camp Sunshine & Camp Snowflake. Campers need a buddy all to themselves. And Camp Sunshine & Camp Snowflake provides each camper with a volunteer counselor for a helping hand and a friendly smile. The volunteer provides one-to-one supervision for each camper, supplying assistance, encouragement, and patience to ensure that each camper has a summer to remember. Our professional staff supervises and implements the many activities that take place each day. Group Leaders, Lifeguards, Activities Specialists, Nurses all provide the necessary input, experience, and enthusiasm for a successful summer.

A Place In The Sun Needs A Special Place

Located in the heart of Bergen County, Camp Sunshine resides in the Saddle River County Park, Wild Duck Pond Area, in Ridgewood, New Jersey. The adapted facility provides an ideal recreational setting for a summer of fun. The most important facility at Camp Sunshine is the heated pool, complete with its own built-in ramp for easy access by all campers.

New Campers:

Interested New Campers are always encouraged to apply as early as January of the year in which they would first like to attend Camp Sunshine. New Campers or their parents/guardians should schedule a brief interview at the Camp for all new campers. Applications are given out at this interview. To inquire about enrolling a camper at Camp Sunshine for the Summer of 2019, please contact the Camp today or our administrative office at 973-633-7111. Contact us at contact_us@sunshine-snowflake.org or at 201-652-1755